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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day trip to Duluth

Betty’s Pie
1633 Hwy 61- Two Harbors, MN 55616
2 miles north of Two Harbors
On Lake Superior Route
Specializing in fresh Lake Trout dinners, home made pies and donuts. Since 1956. Complete menu including continentals breakfast. Open daily

Tobies Restaurant/Bakery, Tavern, Boutique and Statiom. 
404 Fire Monument Road
POB 397
Hinckley, MN 55037

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Road trip

I got all of these postcards on my single day road trip to see the eclipse last summer. We went to Kansas City, just for the day. 

Missouri-the show me state
Capital: Jefferson City
Area: 69,674 sq miles
Flower: hawthorn
Bird: bluebird
Tree: dogwood

Kansas City, Missouri

Hannibal, Missouri
Mark Twain boyhood home and museum, Tom & Huck monument below Cardiff Hill and a view of the town and Mississippi River. 

“The Prairie Passage,” a giant mural at the Missouri Welcome Center on I-35 north of Eagleville, MO. The mosaic’s 600,000 glass pieces display prominent people, places and events of northwest Missouri history. 

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen founders Mitch Omer and Steve Meyer have been renegade Twin Cities chefs far longer than their patient wives want to admit. Rather than being “celebrity chefs” with TV shows, these warhorses sold everything they owned to open their own place and just serve damn good food. To say it’s hotter than hell in the kitchen is an understantment. Up at 4am, our cooks labor over simmering pots, fire-breathing roasters, and hotter ‘n hell ovens while juggling a thousand other fun “tasks of ownership”. So Hell’s Kitchen is named a bit after the NYC neighborhood, but mostly for what it feels like behind the scenes while you enjoy your meal. And no, we were here years before Gordon Ramsey started that TV Show. 

Hell’s Kitchen. 80 S. 9th St. Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55402. (612) 332-4700

Way back in 2000, when the economy was significantly more robust, Hell’s Kitchen founders Cyn and Mitch flew to a fancy-ass gallery in Denver to see Mitch’s gonzo art icon Ralph Steadman, who rarely visits the USA. The couple vowed they would just look, not touch, and certainly not buy. Two days later, a large crate arrived with their first Ralph Steadman original, Big Head #5 (peeking out in this pic). “We’ve always valued art over money,” says Cyn, “but it took us 4 years to pay it off.” Ever since then, the underground lair at the Minneapolis restaurant has adorned its walls with Steadman’s wonderfully twisted works, and this is how the demented collection started. 

United States Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey excitement can be experienced through informational kiosks with a visit to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame on Hwy #53 in Eveleth, Minnesota. Discover history and an insight to the game of hockey. Also pick up your favorite souvenir in the newly expanded gift shop. 

Minnesota State Fair

All of these postcards came from the Minnesota State Fair when I attended last summer. 

Minnesota State Fair

MN Abbey Road

First Avenue and 7th Street Entry



Elephants tusk wrestling at Mikumi National Park